Transforming Mindsets

For those who have created and led teams from the ground up, the task is simple. Start the culture you want to set on day 1. However, for those who have joined existing teams in leadership positions, it can be extremely difficult to gain the buy-in and following needed to change a culture to something […]

leadership style: good cop or bad cop?

Two people shaking hands, and a woman smiling to the man in front of her

When I started my operations career, I was put in a management position overseeing a small team of 20. They ranged in age, experience, and personalities that I quickly had to adapt to. In the past, I had managers who were dictators micro-managing my every move and I had managers who were relaxed and left […]

how to create accountability on your team

Accountability is usually to blame when things aren’t going right. Teams are missing goals, not hitting metrics, pushing project deadlines, creating issues, and making mistakes. So how do you approach this blame-game properly? Establishing accountability isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s a culture shift that requires time, effort, and will. People will be excited by […]